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Abandoned Connecticut

What is left after the last embers of an Industrial Revolution finally die? What do we find when we go sifting through the ashes of the past?

Connecticut was home to everything from textile mills to brassworks to coal-fired power plants. As these once-great industries of the American Northeast slowly dried up and gave way to a new landscape, they left behind a string of abandoned, forgotten facilities dotting the state. Now they have become galleries of graffiti, shelter for the homeless, and living museums of an often-clouded past.

In Abandoned Connecticut, photographer J. R. Washburn gives the reader a first-hand account of his time exploring these modern ruins. Over 150 haunting photographs and a running personal narrative put the reader in his mud-covered boots as he experiences the past, present, and future of these icons of American history.

Available from Barnes and Noble October 1st - Pre-order now!

Kings of Madness

Once the third-largest mental hospital in New York, the Kings Park Psychiatric Center has been abandoned since 1996. This massive facility, once home to ten thousand patients, has become a haunt of the ghosts of history.

Photographer J.R. Washburn takes the reader into a place rarely seen by the average person - into the heart of this abandoned asylum. Walk down the dusty corridors and sit in the decay-ridden rooms that once housed the patients and staff of Kings Park. These clear, haunting photographs show the facility as it is today. They show how the historical structure has given way to time and vandalism - how the place has begun to decay without any effort to preserve it.

Available from in hardcover and softcover.

Publications and Articles

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Article about the Hilltop School in Somersworth, NH featured on and the front page of the local print publication.

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Sensei's Easel: Jon Washburn

by Erik Fedorenchik

Feature on various aspects of my work along with an interview.

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